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Don't clean, Conserv!

Introducing Conserv™ Safe Coin Solvent and BU Plus™

Cleaning… what a “dirty” word in Numismatics!


Shhhhh!  Nobody’s supposed to know!


Acids, acetone, soaps, detergents, solvents, lemons, vinegar, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide...


When will somebody figure out the solution to this problem plaguing numismatists who simply want their coins to depict their natural state without disturbing the coin's original surface?


The problem has finally been solved and at a price anybody could afford. Can you contain your curiosity? If not, do not wait any longer and please read about our history and visit our products page. You will not regret it!



" A year ago, I bought a rare world crown at $360 which was slabbed XF details. I tried to sell it at $600, $500, and $400. Finally, I cracked it out of the slab and rinsed it with your Conserv that I got at a show. A cloudy film came off revealing nice underlying luster. I recently sold it raw in an airtight holder for $620! Thank you! Thank you!" -  V.P. (Dealer) Pearland, TX


"I only wanted to remove the green haze of pvc but not the toning. Conserv did it just like you said! Nice!" -  C.K. Valley Stream, NY


"I applied it to a raw peace dollar in my collection purchased from Ebay about seven years ago. The coin had a cloudy look with only a small trace of luster. After following the Conserv directions with the peace dollar, the coin just exploded with luster! I feel like I've added a new coin to my collection." -  Steve K.  Spring, TX

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